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Hier sind Normen des DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung, die hinsichtlich der Usability von bedeutung sind.

ISO 9241 Ergonomie der Mensch-System-Interaktion
beinhaltet Anforderungen an die Arbeitsumgebung sowie Soft- und Hardware.

ISO 13407 Benutzerorientierte Gestaltung interaktiver Systeme
beinhaltet die Planung, die Gestaltung sowie die Entwicklung interaktiver Systeme in Hinblick auf die Benutzerfreundlichkeit

ISO 9126 (DIN 66272) Bewerten von Softwareprodukten – Qualitätsmerkmale und Leitfaden zu ihrer Verwendung
beinhaltet die Sicherstellung der Softwarequalität hinsichtlich Funktionalität, Zuverlässigkeit, Benutzbarkeit, Effizienz, Änderbarkeit, Übertragbarkeit

ISO/IEC 12119 Software-Erzeugnisse – Qualitätsanforderungen und Prüfbestimmungen
ISO 14915 Software-Ergonomie für Multimedia-Benutzungsschnittstellen

Detailiertere Informationen über die Normen finden sie auf http://www.din.de/cmd?level=tpl-home&contextid=din

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  • Subba | 24 Dezember 2014 at 3:51 pm

    There have been many instances where user iefartnce has become an issue. So many times, a site has been unclear causing me to waste an unnecessary amount of time and become frustrated for what seems like a silly reason. In most cases, this happens with online applications. Not the most recent, but some of the most frustrating would be applications applying for different colleges. I remember one in particular for Northwest Nazarene University. To begin, on their homepage, there was no clear indication as to where I could find an application. I spent an extra fifteen minutes looking for the application when I could have been spending that time filling it out. To improve this, it would be nice if they created a direct path to the application, rather than having multiple tabs the user has to go through in order to find it. It almost felt like a guessing game that I was playing with the site. This is a downfall because the user could become impatient and give up on trying to find the application, just like I almost did. A good example of an easy to find application for colleges would be North Idaho College. I was able to find their application within two minutes of getting onto their site because of how well their usability was mapped out. It saved me a lot of time and stress. Not only that, but when I finally started the process of filling out the application, I noticed there were multiple parts to it and there was one part I actually had to request them to send me in the mail. This made things very difficult because I was not able to simply complete the entire thing online. Instead, I had to complete multiple forms online, as well as wait for papers to come in the mail to do by hand. This was incredibly inconvenient because it creates the opportunity for missing documents’ — I may forget there is another part, or simply misplace the papers. The different aspects of the application online were among the most frustrating. According to the site, there were some papers that were not required to fill out, yet there were others that were required. However, it was not clear as to which papers I did need to complete. So, for all I knew, I could have wasted thirty minutes filling out a part of the application that I did not even need. Although, one thing I did appreciate was the fact that the application let me know how many more pages were left for me to complete during he process. These are simply a few issues I have run into with usability. In order to create a functional and successful site,there are many things that must occur. One important thing would be to make sure the user knows that what they are doing is relevant and important. There is nothing more frustrating than filling something out or giving information that we feel like is a waste of time and energy. Also, it would be wise to keep the user informed on how much time they may be spending completing something. Sometimes, users may be on a time crunch and choose not to complete it for the mere fact they feel they do not have enough time or think it would be a waste of their time. Error prevention is another important aspect. Have you even submitted something, but it does not go through because of an error stated? Sometimes it will not even tell you where you made the error which causes the need to dissect every aspect of the form and find where you went wrong. Most of the time, we may not even be able to find a mistake. So, letting the user know exactly where they messed up and how to fix it is incredibly beneficial. Design is also an important aspect. If the site is bland and minimal it could cause confusion. On the other hand, if it is too complex, it could also cause confusion. All in all, usability is a very complex thing. There is a lot of thought and careful planning that must go into it in order for it to be successful.

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